SATURDAY - APRIL 13, 2019 @ 10:00 AM (Rain or Shine)

LOCATION: A. Curtis Andrew Auction, Inc., 25631 Auction Rd, Federalsburg, MD 21632 10 miles south of Denton, MD and 7 miles north of Federalsburg, MD (American Corner)

Selling the collection of the late O. W.  Mears of Parksley, VA, a well known Eastern Shore Auctioneer, collector of Antique Farm Tools and related items.

PREVIEW:  SATURDAY - APRIL 13, 2019:  9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

1998 Classic 14í enclosed 2 axle Trailer, Garden tractor chain drive 1940ís, garden cultivators, lanterns, potato vine control, rake & hoe made by Barney McCready (Blacksmith), child size cultivator, Oliver 1 bt. Plow, Pedal jig saw, barrel making tools, Tobacco drying sticks & cutters, Early ironing board & sleeve board, stump anvils, wedge, reaping hooks 1700ís, stump knife - splitting wood pegs early 1800ís, branding irons, small cannon, adzs, jacks, grinders, drawing knives, wood shovel & rakes, chestnut roaster, wool winder 1720-1740, hand pumps, broad axes, wagon wheel hub recurver 1800ís, stump grinder, planting hoe, cast iron pots, wood fork for wheat bundles 1700ís, scythe 1700ís, wood maul for closing sill joints, oyster shell rake, wheat shock binder, wood adv. Boxes, anchors, ax handle patterns, flour tins, crocks, wood flails, buggy jacks, barrelís, fishing net needles, Bell from hotel - Keller VA. 1886, Dentist drill stand foot power, lighting rod Kendall Grove Northampton late 1700ís, log pike 1920ís, fruit press, mule harness, flour barrel 1892, coffee bean roaster, ice shaver sail makers scissors R. Hinisch Newark NJ 1859, Tools for making spoke wheels, home made level 1915, shear poles, belt powered crusher, cross cut saw 1885, Sea grass harvesting fork, Jockey scales & weight platform, shock binders, Enterprise #650 grinder, egg scale, fodder knife, sewing needle for saddle work, mill stone picks, mill stones, PA RR pick & stone fork, hewing head, Yale planting tool, hay stack knife 1850, hat makers equip, Eastern Shore horse drawn tree bark grinder, tree bark skinning tool, crackling press, lard paddle, sticking knives, three mule hitch, Tobacco barrel hoops 1720, grinding stones, horse cart wheels, oyster tongs, oyster tonging license #113031, beam scales in brass 20 lb. - 1400 lb., lard pots, meat grinder 1850, Good Idea homemade press 1800ís, hog killing items, Trappers sled from Maine, traps, and many other items.

FIREARMS CONSIGNMENTS: TO BE SOLD @ 12:30 PM:  Ruger 77/50 cal. Muzzle loader w/scope, Knight 50 cal. Muzzle loader w/scope,  Stevens 73/22 cal. Bolt action rifle, J. Stevens 20 ga. Single shot, Stevens mod.94 12 ga. Single barrel shotgun, Westernfield mod.550E 410 ga. Pump shotgun, Stevens 12 ga. DB shotgun, Ithaca 12 ga. Single barrel slug gun 3", Chipmunk 22 cal. Bolt action rifle, AR7 22 cal. Explorer rifle, Rossi 357 Mag. Lever action rifle, Winchester M1 - 30 cal. Carbine, , Browning 22 cal. Semi-auto rifle, J. Stevens Crack Shot-26 - 22 cal. rifle and reloading supplies.

Iver Johnson 410 ga. Single shot, Glenfield mod. 60 / 22 cal. Rifle, Winchester mod. 60A / 22 cal. Rifle, Savage Mark II / 22 cal. Rifle,  Browning BBR 300 Win. Mag. rifle w/Redfield scope, Browning 30-06 cal. Semi-auto rifle w/Redfield scope, Browning 12 ga. semi-auto shotgun w/cutts, Browning "Medallion" X-Bolt 300 Win Mag. rifle w/Trijicon scope, Mossberg mod. 500 / 12 ga. shotgun, J.C. Higgins 12 ga. Bolt action shotgun, Browning 12 ga. shotgun 2 shot, Ithaca 12 ga. DB shotgun, Spain Muzzle loader, Flint lock 32 ga. Muzzle loader, Ithaca mod. 37 12 ga. pump shotgun, J.C. Higgins mod. 20 / 12 ga. Pump shotgun, Browning "Light Twelve" 12 ga. shotgun, Mauser mod. 98 / 30-06 cal. Bolt action rifle w/scope, Winchester "Buffalo Bill" 30-30 cal lever action rifle,  Browning Gold Hunter 3 1/2", extra choke tubes, extra rifled slug barrel w/scope.

U.S. Springfield Armory mod. 1888 / 30-40 Krag rifle, Russian Nagant 1937 bolt action rifle 7.62 cal, 1862 English Enfield .577 cal. BP rifle, Marliln mod. 980 / 22 cal. WMR rifle w/Bushnell scope, Hi-Point mod .995 / 9mm cal. w/Eurolux scope, Kimber 84M / 338 Fed Montana SS /Syn. rifle w/Nikon scope, Marlin mod. XT22 / 22 cal. Bolt action rifle, Rossi S.A. 410 ga. single & 22 cal. rifle, Browning "Gold Hunter"  3 1/2" Invector Plus 12 ga. w/extra barrel, Browning Silver 20 ga. Deer Slayer shotgun w/Trijicon scope, Stevens mod. 73 / 22 cal. Rifle.

HAND GUNS: S & W .380 cal. Semi-auto, S & W 38 cal. revolver, Ruger mod. 101 / 357 mag., S & W .32 cal. revolver, RG 10 / 22 ca. revolver, "1936" Luger 9 mm cal. w/2 clips

MISC:  Horton cross bow w/Red dot sight, Browning Pro Steel Gun Safe, Approx. 30 hunting knives, Mathews Solocam Z7 bow w/arrows (new - never fired), Misc. ammo.

The information contained in this advertisement was obtained from sources believed to reliable, but is offered for informational purposes only.

TERMS: Cash or approved check with current letter from your bank guaranteeing funds. All items sold "AS-IS", "WHERE-IS" with no guarantee. 10% Buyerís Premium. 3% Credit Card. M/C, Visa. 6% Maryland Sales Tax.


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